5 Mistakes that are Harming Your Nails


Your nails may be a structure of dead skin cells, developing endlessly even after cutting them. But they are a piece of your body and their care is as much basic with respect to some other region on your skin.

Believing that leaving your nails the way they are is the biggest mistake that you are making. They influence your magnificence and diverts your health. Their care routine is not tedious, but rather you can do it while perusing a book or viewing your most loved series, or when you are just doing nothing.

1. Scratching Your Nail Polish Off From Your Nails

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Intentionally or accidentally, you are hurting your nails by scratching your nail polish off of them, utilizing your own nails, rather than any nail clean remover. Abstain from doing this, or else you will destroy your nails hopeless.

2. Utilizing Harsh Acetone Based Nail Polish Removers

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Utilizing acetone-based nail polish removers on your nails are the most noticeably awful thing that you are doing to them. They get dried out your nails and the fingernail skin encompassing. Likewise, they make those white spots happen on the nail’s surface. Utilize acetone-free nail polish removers as it were.

3. Skipping To Apply The Base Coat

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Base coats are for protecting your nails from the harmful chemicals of dark nail polish. They go about as an obstruction to spare your nails from losing its natural oils and makes them stronger to last longer.

4. Biting Your Nails Off and Cutting Your Cuticles

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We comprehend that those little spiky cuticle must be truly painful at time but cutting them or biting them is not a smart thought. Rather, utilize cuticle oil to mellow them and after that push them back in. additionally, biting your nails just devastates their surface and the shape. And furthermore, in the event that you accidentally swallow them, they can be unsafe for your health as well.

5. Utilizing Back-N-Forth Motion To File Your Nails

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Back-n-forward filing of nails makes them split and sever in the end. Rather, file them in only one course and spare them from pointless chipping after some time.



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