6 Amazing Makeup Tips for Older Women


Fortunately we can easily switch up our beauty routine with products and application techniques that consider those progressions.

We talked with Tricia Cusden, makeup expert and founder of UK-based pro-age makeup line, Look Fabulous Forever, about her best six cosmetics tips for older women. Here are her recommendations:

1. Pick an age-related foundation and blush.

During and after menopause our skin turns out to be more permeable and less smooth, making it hard for makeup to stay put and look flawless. In any case, Cusden says specially formulated products that work with these progressions have a significant effect in the completed impact.

For instance, Look Fabulous Forever’s hydrating Fabulous Base foundation contains coconut oil, a natural ingredient that keeps skin supple. It levels out skin tone without looking substantial or caked on. Powder blush should be stayed away because it dries skin out. Rather, utilize a cream-based blush that suits your skin tone.

2. Prepare your skin before applying makeup.

Ensure your skin is peeled, spotless and well moisturized. It includes a face preliminary once the moisturizer is completely absorbed into your skin. “Preliminary is incredible when you’re older,” says Cusden. “It seals the skin by filling in any almost negligible differences or open pores, and it forms this awesome base on which to put your foundation.” Brush and buff a creamy foundation into the skin — it will look flawless and stay put for up to 14 hours.

3. Wear lipstick that reflects your personality.

We’re frequently told lipstick should be more downplayed as we age, maybe a shade darker than our natural lip shading. But it particularly relies upon personal taste and the event, says Cusden.

“I wear an alternate lip shading in the summer than in the winter, and during the day or night,” she says. “I love a swipe of bright red lipstick on an older face, particularly with white hair.”

4. Pick colored cosmetics that match your skin tone.

As hair loses color, so does the face. However, our basic skin tone, either warm or cool, does not change. For instance, in the event that you were a warm-toned redhead and now have gray hair, cosmetics with a yellow (warm) undertone will at present suit you.

5. Contour your face with inconspicuous touches.

Use light touches of bronzer on the sides of the face to slim it, and a little sum under the chin to minimize the “cheeks”, advises Cusden. Utilize a fluid highlighter — it shouldn’t be excessively white — on the highest point of the forehead and cheek bones, down the center of the nose and around the mouth to add luminosity and shape to the face.

6. Don’t overcompensate the lashes.

Volumizing mascaras make solid spiky lashes that can look harsh on your face. “Continuously utilize mascara, however one that leaves the lashes very much characterized yet still delicate to the touch,” prompts Cusden.


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