6 best Photo Booth Ideas To Add Fun In The Wedding


Taking pictures is the most fundamental of the wedding, friends, and family takes many pictures to catch every single minute in the memory. We are glad to claim that we are “picture obsesses” country and in the wedding days, the craze becomes much higher.

Let’s have a look at some of the ideas for photo booths to include a start in the photos in the wedding season.

Ribbon Wall

This is very simple to set aside a few minutes expending, and include the component of craziness in the photos. You should simply to get two wooden sticks, multicolor ribbons and utilized cans of deferent sizes. Join the ribbons in a way that it covers the wooden edge and include cans in the frame by keeping the equal distance.

source: shaditayari.pk

Floral Booth

To make this edge you simply require an old wooden frame, which you can easily get from the second-hand market at a cheaper rate. You simply need to stick some lovely fresh red and yellow roses at one corner of the frame. You are good to go to snap some flawless pictures at the occasion.

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Insta Booth

This sort of the booth is all time life saver. You can make these effectively at home by removing the insta frame from polyethene sheet and your frame is prepared. For all those who love to mingle, this is the ideal frame for you.


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Fairy Light Frame

Very simple yet reasonable idea for photo frame will add a spark to your photos. You should simply to purchase an old. natural wooden casing and wrap fairy light around the frame and switch on the lights. You are good to go to give some lightning pictures!

source: shaditayari.pk

Vintage Photo Booth

To make the natural look you should simply to get a resplendent couch and a wooden board for the setting. You simply need to stick vintage stickers on it. Put the couch in front and you are good to go to snap somewhere in the range of few pictures!

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Sparkling Hanging Frames

Frame hung from the trees are evergreen and super simple to execute. You simply need to hang some borrowed or second-hand frames from the tree, to help up the atmosphere, you simply need to hang some fairy lights as well! Your moment photograph corner is sitting tight for you to take a few pictures!

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Pictures are the main thing that left in the memories forever! So, why not make them more special and stunning.



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