A Trip to Hunza Valley


Gilgit Baltistan is situated between Deosai Plateau along Indus River and Karakuram Mountain. The capital of Gilgit Baltistan is Skardu, which is well known for having a portion of the world’s high peaks, high passes and longest glaciers. Hunza is a place which offers border with Uyghurstan (Xinjiang) in North-East, to Pamir in the North-West, to Gilgit in the South and to Nagar Valley in the East. The capital of this place was Baltit however now it is Karimabad. Hunza is separated into three sections i.e. Upper Hunza, Lower Hunza and Central Hunza. It has 48,000 tenants. The general population living in this valley are referred to as Hunzakuts as the descendents from five meandering troopers from Alexzender the Great’s armed force. The general population of Central Hunza speak Burusheski dialect, the general population of Upper Hunza speak Wakhi dialect and the general population of Lower Hunza speak Shina dialect.

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Hunza valley is viewed as the focal point of fascination of Karakuram Mountain. Karimabad the capital of Hunza is the main place where you can appreciate the perspective of five celebrated pinnacles i.e. Rakaposhi 7788m, Golden pinnacle 7027m, Diran 7256m, Ulter I 7388m, Ulter II 7310m and numerous others.People in Hunza have long life expectancy because of straightforward and common way of life. The general population of this valley are amicable and happy. The reason for an agenda visit to wherever is to mess around with vivacious and gutsy excursion around. With a specific end goal to have an engaging and profound visit it is essential to take after some guidelines. The three essential reasons for your visit ought to be; Discover, Plan, Enjoy.

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Hunza Valley Tours:

When you have chosen the place you need to visit for instance Hunza for this situation. The time has come to make every financial course of action and a befitting arrangement. For the accommodation of our perusers, we have figured all the pre-necessities that you will require on your outing to Hunza valley, Pakistan.Let’s say it is a six day trip, which will be brimming with all the unconstrained occasions, enterprises and investigation. In this way you need all the data in regards to the traveler season, settlement offices, climate estimate and last however not the minimum the reasonable attire. The traveler season begins from May to October. It is best for you to contract Pakistan visit and travel with the goal that we can manage you and pick an arrangement for you according to your necessities.

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In the event that you are wanting to go on a six day trip you need all the data about your required spending plan and costs. A noteworthy part of your spending will spend on your convenience, transportation cost, sustenance, touring and so on. So as to have a visit brimming with pleasure, arrange your visit legitimately. Make a rundown of the considerable number of spots that you need to visit and afterward partition these spots on the quantity of days you have. Along these lines you’ll have the capacity to cover every one of the spots that you need to visit inside your six day visit. Counsel a Pakistan visit and travel so your companions or relatives who have as of now went to the place to show signs of improvement data and direction.


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