Here Is The Correct Method To Down The Sacrificial Animal


Eid ul Azha is moving close and with it the interest for sacrificial animals rises as well. Everybody’s attempting their best to get hands on the healthiest animals for the holy occasion.

Eid ul Azha is celebrated with incredible religious fervor among Muslims the world over. This year’s Eid will be praised on September 2 in Pakistan.

One thing we’ve frequently seen amid endless Eid-ul-Azha is the heartless way in which the animals are sacrificed in our country. There are dreadful scenes of bringing down a cow, regularly severely. This thusly prompts an appalling background for the butchers, the bystanders and the animal itself. Accidents have a tendency to happen along these lines too.

It may not be funny as the title of the above video proposes, because it can be very dangerous, particularly if kids are around. We all know how typically kids (and even adults) tend to assemble around and watch the “tamasha.”

It’s easy to sacrifice small animals like goats and sheep, but we have frequently watched that even these poor animals are not sacrificed in an painless manner.

What’s the Solution at that point?

All things considered, there’s a simple technique, and it includes a rope as it were.

You should simply to tie the rope around the animal (cows, buffaloes, camels and so on.) in a way that even a slight push puts the animal down without harming anybody.

You can see this generally painless method for controlling your sacrificial animal in this video:

Issue settled! You don’t need to keep running behind your animal throughout the day. You can avoid accidents and appreciate Eid as its meant to be praised – with feasts and time with your family and closed ones.


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