Duties of Family in Pakistani Wedding Celebrations


Weddings are an incredible event in each edge of the world! Gorgeous Pakistan is the same. A wedding in Pakistan is brilliant, rich in culture and convention, clear in color and overflowing with family! With endless festivities, a Pakistani wedding is a must-see at least once in a lifetime.

Any Pakistani wedding is certain to see a houseful of guests from everywhere throughout the world – parents, grandparents, close relatives, uncles, cousins, youngsters, friends, etc. Do they simply come and have a good time? No! They assist to make the wedding an amazing achievement.

We should take a gander at how relatives contribute in a Pakistani wedding at each function.

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• Henna and Dholki function:

The Henna and Dholki function is the first festivity. Relatives and companions help by organizing and color-coding dresses, great quality henna, and dholki (percussion instrument) – where men and ladies move and sing melodies to its beat the whole night.

The bride’s mom draws the initial henna on the bride’s’ hands as a blessing. The bride is decked with flower adornments by female companions and relatives to imply her association with nature. The henna ceremony is additionally viewed as the earliest form of a bridal shower.

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• Haldi (turmeric) service:

Haldi (turmeric, oil, and rose water paste) is applied to the bride and groom by ladies of the family to make them glow on their huge day. In Pakistani weddings, companions of the bride and groom tie cloth groups around the individual wrists of the couple to imply their support in getting married.

Male relatives on both sides help by dealing with definite wedding arrangements. They likewise guarantee the wedding setting game plans are done and sort out travel arrangements for all guests.

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• Baraat (Wedding procession):

Baraat is the grooms’s procession to the wedding venue. While initially on horseback, this now occurs in cars. All members from the grooms’s entourage dance in the road with live music. The procession, fireworks, music and routes are sorted out by close male companions and male relatives of the groom. The resulting dancing and ballyhoo to the venue are enormously delighted in by all.

Before entering the wedding venue, the groom is ceased by women from the brides’ side. He isn’t permitted inside till he doesn’t pay them abundantly. This is a lively service where the bride’s sister gets the chance to spook the groom in the event that he needs to wed her sister! The bride’s sisters and female companions then welcome the groom with blooms and sweets.

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• Nikah (Wedding) function:

The Nikah (wedding) function is directed by a Maulvi (Islamic cleric). Bridesmaids sit with the bride within the sight of her life partner to demonstrate their support – the same runs with the groomsmen. Demonstrating quality and solidarity amid the nikah is a critical element of Pakistani weddings.

During the wedding function, the brides’ sisters and lady friends attempt to take the grooms’s shoes and are halted every step of the way by siblings and companions of the groom. This friendly talk closes in a silly result since the groom needs to pay cash (once more!) to recover his shoes. This likewise breaks the ice between both families.

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• Rukhsati (Bride’s goodbye):

In Pakistan, the bride is joined by her brothers and relatives as she withdraws. Amid her farewell, the Holy Quran is held over her head by one of her brothers to demonstrate that she is secured with incalculable favors. The bride says goodbye (in the midst of tears and cries) to her mom and dad for raising her with adoration and warmth. All elders in the family give favors and love on the recently wedded couple and wish them well.

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• Valima (Reception):

Valima is the reception held by the grooms’s side. The grooms’ loved ones dance on choreographed music pieces. The Valima is critical as both sets of guardians favor the recently wedded couple before all guests to demonstrate their approval of the union.

The grooms’ most youngest brother sits on the bride’s lap and compels her to give him pocket cash, so she acknowledges him as her baby brother. This lively signal is in direct co-connection to the bride’s sisters getting cash from the groom. This cheerfulness is done in good nature to fulfill the occasion.

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A Pakistani wedding is a sensational joyous family event. Loved ones meet up to make a consistent wedding festivity for the couple to transform their big day into a mysterious one. They contribute towards the rich social legacy common since decades.


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