These Nations offer visa-free entry to Pakistanis


A current list of the world’s most effective visas uncovered that Germany, with a score of 159, was placed first, followed by Sweden and Singapore.

As per the Passport Index, the Indian passport was the most strongest among the subcontinent nations with 48 points, trailed by Sri Lanka at 38 points. Bangladesh comes next at 37 points, while Pakistan has just 27 points.

In fact, the Pakistani passport is positioned the second-last on the world, just above Afghanistan with 24 points. However, despite the low positioning there are still 27 nations that Pakistanis can visit without getting a visa, or with visa on arrival.

These nations permit Pakistanis without visa passage:

1. Dominica

2. Haiti

3. Micronesia

4. St Vincent and the Grenadines

5. Trinidad and Tobago

6. Vanuatu

These nations permit Pakistanis to get visa upon entry:

1. Cambodia

2. Cape Verde

3. Comoros

4. Cote d’Ivoire (Ivory Coast)

5. Djibouti

6. Guinea-Bissau

7. Kenya

8. Madagascar

9. Maldives

10. Mauritania

11. Mozambique

12. Nepal

13. Nicaragua

14. Palau

15. Samoa

16. Seychelles

17. Tanzania

18. Timor-Leste

20. Togo

21. Tuvalu

22. Uganda


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