How To Manage Rishta Food Trolley


When you find out about another rishta on its way, you can’t quit considering it. You continue arranging things in your brain about what to wear on that unique day or what to serve to the rishtey waaley… You have unlimited dialogs with your mother and your sisters and off kilter, your aunties and grandmas additionally get engaged with the talks and in the arranging. The air surrounding you gets loaded with heaps of energy and you just can hardly wait for the rishtey waaley to come at your place.

When we discuss the rishtey waaley and their entry with the rishta, we generally remember about what to serve to the visitors. Also, since these visitors are extremely uncommon, you would need to serve something which is exceptionally unique surely. So what about orchestrating an amazing dining experience for your visitors when they seek the rishta…

To help you in the arrangments of rishta sustenance trolley, we at Shadi Tayari have thought of some stunning thoughts from which you can get a ton of assistance while arranging what to serve on the extraordinary day. You can say thanks to us later for the tips and traps that we have for you!


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At the point when the visitors will arrive, they may feel the need of cool water to extinguish their thirst or to alleviate their nerves and furthermore to quiet them down. So as opposed to serving them plain water, take a stab at serving juice to the visitors. The cool juice will help as much as the water would, aside from that it will leave an extra decent impact on the rishtey waaley.

You can serve them some crisply crushed juice of the natural products that are accessible in the market. You can likewise serve instant squeezes as you won’t need to do much with the exception of pouring it in the glass. Powder juices are additionally a smart thought as they rush to make at home.

Abstain from serving shakes as they are substantial in surface and they won’t extinguish the thirst.


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In Pakistan, every one of us adore eating samosey. Since it is a well known nibble for us Pakistanis, have a go at serving them to your visitors.

You can get an assortment of samosey at any of the bread kitchen or nourishment shops close-by. The flavors that are most generally eaten are aalu k samosey, qeemay k samosey, grill samosey, vegetable samosey. Meethay samosey are additionally cherished being eaten by many people.

You can likewise look for nibble estimated samosey, which will be anything but difficult to eat since they are sufficiently little to stuff in one’s mouth immediately.


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Little estimated cakes or baked goods can be served to your visitors. You can likewise serve little cupcakes on a plate. In the event that you would prefer not to experience the costs of serving extravagant cakes, you can serve a plain cake by cutting it into perfect cuts and serving them on a lovely platter.

Abstain from serving rich cakes as they are now and again chaotic to eat.


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Kebabs are something great to serve to the rishtey waley. You can serve an assortment of kebabs beginning from shaami kebabs and chapli kebabs. Gola kebabs and seekh kebabs can likewise be added to the rundown of serving things as they are a decent choice to serve to the visitors.

On the off chance that you would prefer not to influence these kebabs at home, you to can basically get them from any pastry kitchen close to your home.


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Finally, serve tea alongside a few rolls and treats just before they are going to take off. You may serve tea with the bread rolls that are effectively accessible in the market or you can get some naturally prepared treats from the pastry shop. We recommend you include zeera scones or the ones that are less sweet since it is not prudent to serve truly sweet rolls to the visitors alongside tea.



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