NEO Network is set to launch the show, ‘Idea Croro’n Ka’


Television nowadays is turning out to be increasingly irresponsible in its substance. This is the manner by which we feel each time we flip from a TV Drama to a News channel. Regardless of whether its a polygamous relationship in a serial, or false revealing by anchors and journos, its from time to time that we see any substance that adds to the general public positive way.

The young is particularly denied, if not being corrupted, with the way things are going, as TV is not just about entertainment it is about the correct sort of presentation. In such debilitating conditions, we see a beam of expectation as a business related reality indicate focusing on the youthful entrepreneurs.

NEO Network is set to launch the show, ‘Idea Croro’n Ka’ which will give new companies a stage for raising investments on televison.

The prime reason for the show is to unite financial specialists and business visionaries. The members will try out for a spot on the show and the ones who experience additionally meets all requirements for the last round. Every scene of the show is then isolated into three portions.

In the first section (Pakistan kay startup), careful transaction will happen with the board of financial specialists and entrepreneurs on their thoughts, the measure of investment and value. Each pitch by the entrepreneur might possibly bring about speculation being raised by the startup.

The second portion (Himmat Karo Pakistan) highlights irregular people who are battling maintaining their organizations to gain a living. They will be scouted and welcomed to the show paying little respect to their instruction or society status. Such entrepreneur will be given a prize cash to help them upscale their business.

The final and the third round (Pakistan kay Heroes) will showcase success stories of entrepreneurs who have battled hard and have eventually made progress will be secured to motivate and move the watchers and youthful trying entrepreneurs.

Nabeel A. Qadeer (who is the lead, anchor and content producer of the show) is a confirmed Project Management Professional with more than ten years of administrative experience. Having built up two programming improvement and consultancy firms he has dependably had confidence in enabling the young of Pakistan to wind up employment makers instead of occupation searchers. Nabeel took this as a brilliant chance to affect the ecosystem, he knew precisely what the entrepreneurial scene of Pakistan needs, making ‘Idea Croro’n Ka’, a reality.

An special section of the show will include a specialist who will convey his extraordinary entrepreneurial experience to the table by advising the startups. The master for the main season is none other than the Chairman of Punjab Information Technology Board, Dr. Umar Saif.

We expectation such substance will inspire and additionally increment the quantity of entrepreneurs in the nation. Anticipated that would go on air this month, we know we will take after the excursion of some youthful element minds.

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