Pakistan Break World Record by Making a World Largest Cookie Flag


Festivities of Pakistan denoting its 70th year on the planet took another turn when one brand chose to go the additional mile to respect its nation.

From beautifying houses and avenues with lights, to setting up banners and wearing green, Pakistanis have now influenced the news by making a monster green treat to hail.

World’s Largest Cookie Flag:

The English Business Manufacturers (EBM) family set another Guinness World Record by assembling the world’s biggest ‘treat mosaic’ in the state of Pakistan’s national banner.

The 2,438.15 square feet signal was made out of 15,000 Peek Freans Sooper Biscuits shaded green and white.

The banner’s fruition brought 6.5 hours with the assistance of the group alongside driving famous people, for example, Younis Khan, Shoaib Akhtar, Adnan Siddiqui, Hareem Farooq and Mira Sethi.

Past Setting a Record:

Dr Zeelaf Munir, overseeing chief and CEO of EBM said that the banner filled a more noteworthy need than simply making a record. She included,

We are a country that is constantly reconstructing, reshaping and pushing forward — regardless of what the chances. Our battle, ‘Sooper Hai Pakistan’, looks to feature this by scattering content that is the correct inverse of what the prominent media keeps on covering.

After consummation of the banner, the bread rolls were pressed and disseminated to understood philanthropy associations.

Extraordinary watch over cleanliness and cleanliness while making the banner to guarantee they were distributable. The entire procedure was regulated by cleanliness reviewers and in addition a surveyor from Islamabad.

Largest Cookie Mosaic (flag) in the world!

Congratulations Pakistan, WE DID IT! We've broken the Guinness World Record! Sooper hai hamara jazba aur #SooperHaiPakistan

Peek Freans Sooper 发布于 2017年8月19日


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