PEMRA Bans “Geo Pakistan” Show on Geo News for Five Days, Fined Rs. 1 Million


One more day and we have another TV show banned. Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) today banned a show on Geo News for a time of 5 days.

“Geo Pakistan” is banned from broadcasting, re-broadcasting, crisp, old or rehash on Geo News from 9:00 AM Monday 3rd April 2017 till 12:00 AM April 7th 2017. The reason cited by the authority was “airing offensive/obscene substance”.

Rs. 1 Million Fine

Besides a fine of Rs. 1 million was forced on the news channel too. PEMRA has requested Geo News to:

..initiate in-house editorial committee to guarantee consistence of the Code of Conduct 2015 and utilize time-delay component effectively.

On the off chance that Geo News neglects to go along (doesn’t quit airing the show or pay the fine) the channel will be suspended under Section 30 of PEMRA Ordinance 2002, changed by the PEMRA (Amendment) Act 2007.

The show was banned after the authority got various objections from senior journalists and consistent residents. A show cause notice was issued to Geo News on March 15th 2017 so they can clarify why the disclosed offensive substance in any case, they had 14 days to agree.

After to giving them a chance of personal hearing and assessing the reaction from Geo News’ illustrative, PEMRA chosen that the channel has violated Electronic Media Code of Conduct 2015 and ought to be punished as needs be.

Amir Liaquat Ordered to Apologize

Prior the administrative authority requested the famous anchorperson Aamir Liaquat to apologize for hate speech amid his program “Aisay Nahi Chalay Ga” on January 27th.

PEMRA asked him and the channel the program airs at Bol TV to “apologize genuinely to the watchers for airing the hate-speech.”

Aamir Liaquat at the program called the missing bloggers and social media activists, against Islam and anti Pakistan blaming them for irreverence. The exact following day his program circulated on Bol TV and he insulted PEMRA openly on the show.


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