Uzma Yousuf First Pakistani Women to Climb Spantik Crest in Gilgit-Baltistan


ISLAMABAD: Uzma Yousaf on Wednesday left a mark on the world after she turned into the main Pakistani lady to scale the 7,027-meter high Spantik crest in Gilgit-Baltistan (G-B).

“We have touched base at the highest point of Spantik at 9:16am today (Wednesday),” an euphoric Yousaf told APP on telephone from on Spantik, situated in the Spantik-Sosbun mountains – a sub-scope of Karakoram in the Nagar Valley of G-B.

“I am truly glad at the accomplishment. I know individuals in Pakistan are equipping to observe Independence Day on August 14. My satisfaction has increased as I have possessed the capacity to convey Pakistan’s banner to the highest point of Spantik as of now,” she included.

Yousaf’s high-elevation group included Wajidullah Nagri, Asghar Hussain and Yaseen.

Otherwise called the Golden Peak, Spantik has just as of late picked up hugeness among climbers.

The 43-year old just as of late began her climbing vocation after she scaled the 6,050-meter Mingling Sar in October a year ago in a decided exertion, having beforehand just climbed to Mushkpuri pinnacle and Ratti Gali. She lined it up with the 5,098-meter Rush Peak in February this year.

“It was a truly extreme trip. The snow was not enabling us to move. In any case, we didn’t surrender our central goal and express gratitude toward God that at long last, we made it,” she stated, including it took her group 31 days to finish the voyage.

She said her effective campaign was evidence that with assurance and energy difficulties could be overcome and dreams appeared.

Her better half, Yousaf Akhtar, who financed and upheld the campaign, said he was pleased with his significant other.

“She is truly a capable woman. Despite the fact that she has not been prepared like different mountain climbers, she was embraced careful arrangements for this move for a while. Her diligent work has been paid back” he said.

“Yousaf just conversed with me from 7,027m Spantik Peak. My fantasy materialized, she scaled Rush Peak 5,098m, Mingling Sar 6,050m and at the present time she is over Spantik 7,027m,” he later composed on his Facebook page.

Clean climbers forsake endeavor

An endeavor by Polish climbers to scale K2 and after that ski down from the summit has been surrendered inferable from a blend of terrible climate and risk of torrential slide.

Fredrik Sträng and skier Andrzej Bargiel alongside Kuba Poburka and Janusz Gołąb were endeavoring to scale the ‘Savage Mountain’ yet needed to turn back because of the nonappearance of repaired ropes from camp II to camp IV.

The group obviously endeavored to change the course to the highest point of the mountain.

“The conjecture demonstrates a decent climate window after the end of the week. Tomorrow at a young hour in the morning together with Poburka and Gołąb, we’ll begin the climb. We need to achieve camp III where we’ll spend a night. At that point we’ll move to camp IV and if the climate holds great we design the summit assault for Tuesday,” Bargiel composed on his Facebook page on Sunday.

In any case, only a day later, he reported that their mid year campaign had arrived at an end.

“It was truly warm today which immediately expanded the threat of torrential slides. Rocks and stone were tumbling down on our head. Poburka got hit by a little one, however he is OK. We have chosen there is no sense to chance it. Security first,” he stated, adding that Gołąb needed to turn back before because of a disease.

“Lamentably it would seem that I won’t ski down from K2 this year… well now and then you gotta lose the fight to win the war. It is likely we will return,” the Polish skier stated, before declaring their takeoff from K2 base camp.


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