About me

Hello! Bassam here. I'm an AS student currently enrolled in Nixor College and this is my spare-time-creative-and-technical-and-helpful project!

This project essentially started as me being too lazy to send numerous people the individual notes that they wanted. From hybridization in AS Chemistry to Specialisation and Trade in O Levels Economics, sending PDFs on WhatsApp eventually became too tedious. So I made AurParho, essentially a "hub" for my notes, so that I could help more people with less effort.

Our mission

Simply put, to make your life easier. COVID has already had a massive impact on our day-to-day lives. Whether you felt this in the form of added academic pressure, increased mental stress, or the worst of all, loss of a loved one, we have all been deeply affected by this worldwide pandemic.

Hence, AurParho was created to provide some sort of relief, however small and insignificant it may be, from the academic pressure experienced by students everywhere.

help out

Did you like what we do? If yes, then please let us know through the contact form. Hearing for people that found this website helpful would be the best motivation for me to continue developing stuff like this. Heck, fill out the contact form just to say hi! If you really like what we do, then consider donating.

If you think there's some way in which AurParho could be improved, please do let us know by filling out the same form, and we'll do our best to correct it.

Special thanks

I have much gratitude for the people listed below, the alpha testers, who continued to provide important and insightful feedback on the website as I built it, regardless of how insignificantly I had improved it from the previous iteration.

Sabeer Asad | Wasil Fawad | Mikael Aziz | Zuhair Khalid | Momin Rizvi | Hisan Maggoon | Sameer Kamani

As well as to Rayaan Faisal, because of whom I was able to get the aurparho.live domain.